Remote sales recruitment

Get access to
unlimited remote sales agents

If the agents don’t pay for themselves you don’t pay.

How do we work?

Matchmaking Application

Sales Agent Matching Process

Candidate Confirmation

Client Interview Request

Offer & Hiring

Sales Agent Onboarding

Trial Period

Who do we help?

Remote first companies

Proven offer with testimonials

Proven sales system

Tech or service based business

Scaling revenue

Sales capacity limitations

Sales team expansion


Revenue Increase

HR cost savings

Hours Saved per hire

We have over 500 active sales agents ready to go…

Tired of the time-consuming task of hiring sales professionals? We understand the challenges you face when managing communication, sifting through resumes, and conducting countless interviews, all with no guarantee of finding the perfect fit. That’s where we come in. Our agency offers a game-changing solution, presenting you with a pre-vetted pool of over 500 active sales agents. Say goodbye to the headaches of traditional recruitment and say hello to a streamlined process that saves you valuable time and ensures you find the right person for the job. Partner with us today and unlock the efficiency and effectiveness of our sales recruitment services.

Helping Businesses Grow

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10x Return on Investment

Scaling Revenue

Sales Training

Double Revenue

Helping Your Company Grow with Increased Sales Capacity

We can provide you sales agents within 48 hours of onboarding

What if we aren’t happy with agent?

We offer a 60 day no questions asked one time replacement 

What if we don’t have anything documented?

We have a course and consultation avaliable to get prepared to hire

How does payment work?

We have a one-time application fee that covers matchmaking, and you only pay for the reps if there activity pays for themselves 

How are the agents paid?

You pay them we don’t take any of the rep’s money. You can pay them a base plus commission or just commission. We place based on your pay structure

How do you make money?

We make money on you coming back and getting reps that keep paying for themselves. 

Get access to
unlimited remote sales agents

If the agents don’t pay for themselves you don’t pay.


“Desmond is the best salesman and sales leader I have met in over 18 years in business because he cares about those he serves (both his clients and his team). He is a superstar in the making. If you have the chance to work with Dez, take it without hesitation.”

Sam C.

CEO of Agency 

“Working with Desmond resulted in significant revenue increase within one year. He challenged and encouraged me to recognize the value of our offerings and adjust our prices accordingly, plus a whole lot more. He stays on top of projects, has lots of strategic ideas, and good relationship-building skills.”

Megan H.


“After 5 months of being in the red with a sale representative, Desmond came in and brought me into profitability within 30 days and built me a sales team scratch.”

Janet J.

Agency Owner


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